How You Can Help

Some ways you can help bring our son home:

  • PRAY!  Please pray with us for our son.  That God will protect him and be preparing him for all these transitions.  That God will heal him from the emotional scars and pain caused by events that may have already happened, soon to happen, or happening right now.
  • Buy a Tshirt…stay tuned for this one! 😉
  • Donate…we have A LOT of money ($9,200) to pay when we receive a referral!  Our agency estimates about 11 to 12 months from now until referral for a healthy child under 6, but our parameters are a little broader than that, so it could be sooner!  We want to be fully funded well before so that we can accept a referral immediately.  Then, we will have to travel twice (estimated total cost for both trips combined:  $10,000).
  • Buy a watercolor from me!  All proceeds go to our adoption fund.  I have included some examples of my watercolor style.  I am open to custom orders, just not promising I can do it, but I would love to try!  Please email me at to make your order!


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